Siripat Lions Youth Day Touch Rugby Tournament

Youth Day

Siripat Lions Youth Day Touch Rugby Tournament

Siripat Lions Youth Day Touch Rugby Tournament 1

Youth Day 2023 marked a remarkable event at the Siripat Lions Club as they hosted a touch rugby tournament. The club, known for its commitment to nurturing responsible and ethical leaders, took this opportunity not only to celebrate the youth but also to test their systems and processes. Despite a few identified faults, the tournament was a resounding success, leaving participants and attendees with unforgettable memories.

Youth Day Festivities

In the spirit of Youth Day, the Siripat Lions Club organised an internal touch rugby tournament that brought together members of the community, parents, and social awareness partners. The day kicked off with round-robin games, where randomly selected teams showcased their skills and sportsmanship. The competitive energy and camaraderie on the field set the stage for an eventful day ahead.

A Tense Final Game

As the tournament progressed, anticipation grew for the final game, which turned out to be a nail-biting clash between two highly skilled teams. The intense battle on the field kept spectators on the edge of their seats, as the game reached its climax. The final moments were filled with suspense and excitement, highlighting the determination and talent of the participating athletes.

Community Support and Future Plans

Siripat Lions Youth Day Touch Rugby Tournament 2

The Siripat Lions Club expressed deep gratitude to the parents and social awareness partners who actively participated in the tournament and supported the community-driven initiative. Their presence not only added to the festive atmosphere but also provided an opportunity to discuss future plans and collaborations. This shared vision of creating responsible, ethical, and conscientious future leaders formed the core of the event.

A Commitment to the Future

The Siripat Lions Club remains dedicated to their founding philosophy of nurturing a generation of responsible and ethical leaders. Through events like the Youth Day touch rugby tournament, they actively foster a community of likeminded individuals and organisations who share the same values and beliefs. This approach ensures that the club continues to make a positive impact, not only within their community but also on a national scale.

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