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Pirelli Tyres - Their Story

Company Overview & History

Over the years, Pirelli Tyres has become a brand synonymous with innovation, high performance and safety. Their commitment to quality is evident in the rigorous testing processes that their products undergo as well as the brand’s involvement in motorsports, allowing them to gain valuable experience and knowledge about tyre performance. This knowledge is then incorporated into their product ranges to provide maximum safety, performance and comfort for all drivers.

Founded in 1872 in Milan, Italy, by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, Pirelli initially specialised in rubber and its derivative process, as well as making scuba diving rebreathers. Over a decade later in 1885, Pirelli shifted its primary focus to producing rubber bands for carriages and cables for electricity and telecommunications. At the turn of the century, Pirelli shifted its focus again to the automotive industry and began manufacturing a range of tyres for cars, motorcycles and other automotive vehicles, with their first tyres made from canvas and rubber. Soon after, Pirelli grew to be one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Italy and expanded geographically by opening their first production plants in other parts of Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. By the 1960s Pirelli began to focus on building its brand by sponsoring teams in motorsports like the Formula 1 and in 1964, they launched the iconic Pirelli calendar, trademarked “The Cal” which is published annually featuring popular actresses and supermodels. Throughout the 70s, Pirelli continued to expand by introducing new products and innovative technologies like the first wide radial tyre upon the request of the Lancia rally racing team, to create a tyre strong enough to withstand the power of the new Lancia Stratos. In the 1980s, it introduced its first range of run-flat tyres and in the 90s, launched its first winter tyre range. By the early 2000s, Pirelli had established itself as one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers and continues to innovate to this day, producing new products and technologies to meet the needs of different drivers around the globe.

Business Areas

Mainly focused on the consumer business, Pirelli offers a wide range of tyres for multiple applications such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles as well as speciality tyres for racing, rallying and other motorsports. Pirelli invests heavily in the research and development of their products, working on new innovative technologies as well as working on sustainable options for a more eco-friendly ride. By constantly investing in innovation, Pirelli is able to provide its customers with the latest and greatest tyre technologies.

Product Range 

With a diverse portfolio of products, from ultra-high performance tyres to all-season tyres, Pirelli is bound to have a tyre that meets the needs of you and your vehicle.

Their car tyre range includes the P ZERO range which is made for ultra-high-performance vehicles to provide improved braking performance and enhances handling and control. Additionally, the Scorpion range is made for SUVs and crossover vehicles to provide improved stability and excellent traction in all weather conditions. Pirelli also offers carrier tyres for vans and all-season tyres for whichever climate you live in.

Their motorcycle tyres range includes the Diablo range for road and track racing which provides enhanced grip, with traction in cornering and acceleration as well as excellent handling. The Angel range is for street and commuter bikes to ensure high levels of grip on dry surfaces and maximum safety on wet surfaces and at low temperatures. The Scorpion range is for road and off-road use to provide improved handling, high mileage and enhanced performance on all terrains.

Their bicycle tyre range includes the P ZERO Velo which is made for road racing and offers more grip for a smoother ride and greater comfort. The Scorpion range is made for mountain biking to provide superior grip, resistance and stability in any terrain. The Cinturato range is made for off-road and gravel applications and features improved grip, enhanced control and puncture resistance for long-lasting reliability. 

Pirelli also offers a budget tyre range which is designed to provide a balance between performance and price, manufactured with the same technology and innovation they are known for, so those looking to get the most out of their budget do not have to compromise quality for affordability. These tyres also feature a long lifespan and are designed to resist wear and tear, even in the most extreme conditions.


With over 130 years of experience in the industry, Pirelli Tyres has become a popular choice for sponsorships in the world of sport and has sponsored a variety of events over the years, from the Formula 1 (F1) to the MotoGP to the Tour De France, they have sponsored it all! 

Pirelli has been a major sponsor of the F1 since the 1970s when the company first became involved in the sport and became the exclusive supplier of F1 tyres in 2011. As well as becoming an official sponsor of the world rally championships in 2005, Pirelli also sponsors the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar championship, and the European and the American Le Mans Series. 

Pirelli has been a major sponsor of MotoGP and has been involved in the sport since the 60s, becoming an exclusive tyre supplier in 2011. These sponsorships have been a major contributor to the success of the sport of motorcycle racing.

They have also been involved in the world of cycling for years, Pirelli has been an official sponsor and tyre supplier for the Giro d’Italia since 2010 and the Tour De France since 2004. In addition to these sponsorships, they are a major supporter of the UCI World Cycling championships.

The company’s involvement in all of these various sports has made it one of the most recognizable names in the world of sports and has cemented its name in the minds of sports fans across the globe.

Brand Positioning 

Pirelli Tyres has established itself as one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. They have done this by creating a strong brand image that focuses on safety, style and innovation, emphasising its commitment to quality and performance. Their commitment to innovation is evident by the fact that they are consistently researching and developing new technologies to create tyres that are designed to perform in a variety of conditions. Pirelli Tyres is also dedicated to sustainability, investing in research and development of more efficient manufacturing processes and materials, as well as working on the durability of their products to help reduce the number of tyres that end up in landfills each year.

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