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BF Goodrich Tyres - Their Story

Company Overview & History

Made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, BF Goodrich has become one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers and their products are used in a variety of industries including automotive, off-road and aviation. Their innovative technologies are designed to provide superior performance and safety in all weather conditions.

In 1870, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded the first tyre factory in Akron, Ohio. BF Goodrich originally focused on the manufacturing of rubberised hoses, mostly used by firefighters, and rubberised belts similar to those used on modern vehicles as serpentine belts (fan belts). As BF Goodrich began to expand, they began to manufacture pneumatic bicycle tyres in 1896 which eventually led to the production of pneumatic automobile tyres, the first of its kind made by an American company. Since the inception of BF Goodrich, performance has been an integral part of the brand’s DNA. This led Benjamin’s son, Charles Cross Goodrich, to establish the very first tyre research centre in the US, which resulted in BF Goodrich being able to stand out from the competition in the early 20th century and in 1903 they provided the tyres for the Winton Touring Car, the first vehicle to cross the North American continent for East to West. 

In 1909, They began their expansion into the aeronautics industry when their tyres were fitted on a Curtiss aeroplane which set a speed record of 75 km/h at the first international air race. Later in the 1920s, their tyres were fitted onto Charles Lindenbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, when he set off to complete the first solo, non-stop transatlantic flight in history. Whilst continuing to innovate their products, BF Goodrich developed many firsts in the American tyre industry, such as the first tubeless tyre in 1947, the first radial tyres in 1965 and the first run-flat tyre in 1967. In the decades that followed, BF Goodrich continued to develop new and improved tread designs, longer-lasting rubber compounds and a lighter-weight construction.

Business areas

For over 150 years, Bf Goodrich has been a leader in the tyre industry, providing quality tyres for vehicles of all types. The business is divided into four main areas: passenger, commercial, off-road and racing.

Their passenger tyres are made for cars, minivans, SUVs and light trucks. These tyres are designed to provide maximum performance, comfort and safety in all driving conditions.

Their commercial tyres are made for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including buses, trucks and trailers. These tyres are designed to provide superior traction, durability and fuel efficiency.

Their off-road tyres are made specifically for off-road vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. These tyres are designed to provide maximum traction and performance in the toughest of conditions.

Their racing tyres are made specifically for professional racing teams such as track racing, rally racing and drag racing. These tyres are designed to maximise grip and performance on the race track.

Product range

BF Goodrich is a trusted name in the automotive industry and continues to be a leader in the innovation and development of tyre technology. Whether you are looking for an everyday commuter tyre or a performance tyre for racing, BF Goodrich has a product range to meet your needs. 

For everyday commuters, they offer the Advantage T/A Sport range, which provides excellent grip, a quiet ride and long-lasting wear. With a unique tread pattern that provides superior traction in wet and dry conditions.

For commercial drivers, they offer the Commercial T/A all season range, which provides enhanced performance, reliable durability and improved fuel efficiency.

For off-road drivers, they offer the All-Terrain T/A K02 range. With its rugged construction, the range offers superior traction and grip in all types of terrain, from mud to ice to rocky trails. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern and special sidewall compounds to provide increased protection against punctures.

For performance-minded drivers, they offer the g-Force Sport COMP-2 range, a high-performance range that provides great handling and cornering grip in all conditions. Featuring an advanced tread pattern which ensures maximum contact with the road, while still remaining quiet and comfortable.


BF Goodrich tyres have been a popular choice for drivers for decades, as a result, they have become a leading tyre brand in the industry and have been able to leverage its success to secure several sponsorship deals. They have been involved with multiple events and sport series ranging from the World Rally Championship and the British Touring Car Championship to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its American counterpart.

They first began sponsoring the World Rally Championship in 1995 and quickly became one of the most important sponsors in the sport. Their involvement was invaluable, as their tyres helped to ensure that the cars on the track were performing to the best of their abilities. In the years since, BF Goodrich has been involved in numerous rallies, including the Rallye Monte Carlo, Rallye de France and Rally Finland as well as being a major part of the British Touring Car Championships.

BF Goodrich has also been an important part of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its American counterpart, providing tyres for a number of different teams including Audi, Peugeot, Porsche and Toyota. Their support has been instrumental in helping teams achieve success in the race, winning the event in 2005 and 2006. 

Additionally, they have also been active in the competitive off-road scene since 1973 and two decades later BF Goodrich became an official sponsor of the world’s longest and toughest cross-country rally, The Dakar. Enabling them to showcase their latest products and technologies to a global audience.

Brand Positioning

Long associated with strength and durability, BF Goodrich has positioned itself as an industry leader in the production of reliable and robust tyres. With over a century and a half of experience in the industry, BF Goodrich has developed a strong reputation for producing tyres that offer superior performance, reliability and quality. BF Goodrich also works closely with environmental organisations to reduce the environmental impact of their tyres, by developing new technologies to reduce rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

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