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Gabriel Shock Absorbers - Their Story

Company Overview & History

Gabriel shock absorbers is known as a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket shock absorbers in the automotive industry. The company has been in operation for over a century and is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. Gabriel specializes in both original equipment and aftermarket solutions for a variety of vehicles including shock absorbers, struts, coil covers and mounting accessories as well as suspension kits, control arms, sway bars and more.

It all started in the early 1900’s, when an entrepreneur from North America named Claud H. Foster decided to combine his two greatest passions, tinkering with automobiles and playing the trombone. Foster invented a multi-tone car horn by using the concept of his trombone, dubbing it ‘Gabriel’s Horn’. Taking the name from his invention and $1500 in savings, Foster founded the Gabriel company which would later go on to revolutionize suspension systems.

In 1907, Foster created his first critically acclaimed invention ‘The Snubber’ which was a direct acting shock absorber for automobiles, the first of its kind. While this rebound device was initially fitted as an optional extra to reduce spring and axle breakage, it soon became standard equipment on most vehicles. This achievement would become commonly associated with the Gabriel brand name. As the automotive industry grew, so did Gabriel and they went on to sell direct acting shock absorbers to both OEM and replacement markets.

With the same pioneering and independent attitude that founded the company, Gabriel’s commitment to innovation and the advancement of their technology has led them to become a company of many ‘firsts’ including: creating the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adjustable shock absorbers, the first air-adjustable shock absorber – the industry leading Gabriel HiJackers, creating the first position sensitive (groove tube) technology, the first US produced twin-tube shock absorber – the Gabriel Gas Ryder, introducing velocity sensitive technology for shocks and struts – a new advancement and development in ride control technology. To this day, Gabriel continues to innovate their products so that they are able to provide drivers with the best possible solutions at the best possible prices.

Business Areas

As a leader in the industry, Gabriel shock absorbers has become one of the world’s most trusted names in the production of shock absorbers and other suspension products. They focus on four main business areas: manufacturing, innovation, aftermarket, and specialty.

Manufacturing: Gabriel manufactures a wide variety of shock absorbers and suspension products for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks and 4X4’s, as well as specialty ranges for industrial applications.

Innovation: Gabriel is committed to the innovation and development of their products, to provide their customers with the best possible solutions for all driving applications. Their products offer superior ride handling, improved stability, and increased safety. 

Aftermarket: Gabriel offers a wide range of aftermarket solutions, including shock absorbers, struts, air springs, and other suspension components. 

Specialty: Gabriel also offers a range of shock absorbers and suspension products for specialty applications such as racing and off-roading. As well as offering custom suspension components for industrial vehicles.

Product Range 

With over a century of experience in the automotive industry, Gabriel shock absorbers is known for producing reliable and durable products that protect drivers and passengers from the vibrations and impacts of the road.

The Gabriel HiJacker range is designed to provide increased ground clearance and improved off-road capabilities, featuring a unique design that allows them to be adjusted from the driver’s seat, providing a quick and easy adjustment for changing terrains.

The RideControl range is designed for optimal performance in all types of road conditions. Featuring advanced technology including a hydraulic rebound stop, which helps to keep the shocks from bottoming out in rough terrain as well as a progressive damping system, which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in any road condition.

The UltraShock range is designed to provide maximum off-road protection, with a range of features such as heavy-duty steel construction, increased damping, and an extended range of motion. This range is ideal for vehicles that require extreme protection, such as off-road vehicles and trailers.

The Guardian range is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. Featuring a unique combination of adjustable compression and rebound damping, this range helps provide a smooth and comfortable ride in all types of conditions.

 With a wide range of shock absorbers for a variety of vehicles, Gabriel is a leader in aftermarket automotive suspension solutions. From its HiJackers to its UltraShock range, Gabriel has a product to meet the needs of any driver or vehicle.


Known for their superior quality, durability, and performance, Gabriel shock absorbers has become a popular choice for sponsorships in the world of sport and has sponsored a variety of events, teams, and organizations over the years. 

In the early days, Gabriel sponsored various small-scale races and rallies, as well as local auto clubs and trade shows. Shortly after, they gained enough recognition to become involved in higher-profile events such as the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR.

In the late 1960s, Gabriel began to shift their focus to off-road racing by sponsoring several successful teams, including the Parnelli Jones All-American Racers and the Rod Hall Racing team. In the ’70s, Gabriel sponsored the Baja 1000 and the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Grand Prix, helping to make these events some of the most popular off-road races in the world.

Today, Gabriel continues to sponsor a variety of events including the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series, the ARCA racing series, the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing series, and the Trans-Am series. Additionally, they also sponsor individual drivers such as NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski and the NHRA’s Doug Kalitta.

Through these partnerships, Gabriel has had the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and demonstrate the performance of their shock absorbers in some of the world’s most competitive racing series.

Brand Positioning

For over a century, Gabriel shock absorbers has been designing and manufacturing shocks and suspension systems that meet the highest standards of comfort, performance, and reliability. Their products feature cutting-edge engineering and advanced materials designed to ensure superior performance and reliability. Their shock absorbers are designed to provide a smooth, reliable, and safe ride experience while their suspension systems are designed to improve the ride and handling of vehicles. Additionally, Gabriel has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability with an emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing. The company has created products that minimize their environmental impact and maximize their performance. From recyclable packaging to energy-efficient design, Gabriel is committed to creating solutions that are good for the environment and the customer.

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