Welcome Charges Through Comrades Marathon and Smashes Sub-Nine-Hour Goal!

comrades marathon

Welcome Charges Through Comrades Marathon and Smashes Sub-Nine-Hour Goal!

Comrades Marathon

The 2024 Comrades Marathon has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of tired legs, triumphant spirits, and for one Super Tyres staff member, a dream finally realised. Welcome, a familiar face within the company, has not only conquered the gruelling “Up Run” route once again, but he’s done it in record-breaking fashion, securing the prestigious Bill Rowan Award in the process.

This year’s Comrades Marathon saw Welcome not just finish, but dominate, crossing the finish line in a staggering time of 8:39:24. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Welcome, who has been chasing the elusive sub-nine-hour mark for the past two years. The dedication, relentless training, and unwavering determination he’s poured into this goal have finally paid off in spectacular fashion.

For those unfamiliar with the Comrades Marathon, it’s no ordinary race. Often referred to as “The Ultimate Human Race,” this South African ultramarathon stretches a brutal 90 kilometres between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The demanding course, coupled with ever-changing weather conditions, tests athletes to their absolute limits.

Welcome’s achievement becomes even more impressive when considering his previous attempts. Having missed the sub-nine-hour mark in the past two years, the pressure to perform must have been immense. Yet, Welcome persevered, channeling his past experiences into a strategy that delivered remarkable results.

The Super Tyres team, who cheered him on from the Pinetown store, is buzzing with excitement for Welcome. His accomplishment is not only a personal victory, but an inspiration to the entire company. Welcome’s dedication and commitment embody the values we hold dear at Super Tyres.

Comrades Marathon

Here at Super Tyres, we’ve always known Welcome to be a remarkable individual. His passion for running is contagious, and his positive attitude is a constant source of motivation for his colleagues. But witnessing him achieve his long-held goal on such a prestigious stage fills us with immense pride.

Welcome’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, unwavering belief, and the unwavering support of a team. His journey to becoming a sub-nine-hour Comrades Marathon finisher is an inspiration to anyone chasing a seemingly impossible dream. It reminds us that with dedication, focus, and the right support system, even the most challenging goals can be conquered.

Here’s Welcome’s words after his incredible run:

Thank you somuch to the Super Tyres family. Your support is awesome and plays a big role in my journey, five years of amazing experience with love from this family. I thank you all.

Welcome’s success story isn’t just about him. It’s a celebration and reminder that with the right mindset and unwavering support, anything is achievable. So, congratulations, Welcome! You’ve not only smashed your goal but also become an inspiration to us all. We at Super Tyres can’t wait to see what you achieve next year!

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