Guests at the TyreLife Solutions Great Outdoors Expo

great outdoor expo

Guests at the TyreLife Solutions Great Outdoors Expo

great outdoors expo

Outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for adventure had a great time at the recent TyreLife Solutions Great Outdoors Expo held at Suncoast Casino in March. The three-day event featured a range of activities and products that catered to everyone’s interests.

Super Tyres, represented by Graham and Debbie, were among the guests invited by TyreLife Solutions to the event. They had a great time interacting with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and learning about the latest trends and products in the industry.

The expo was a celebration of all things outdoors, from off-road vehicles, caravans, and camping trailers, to motorbikes, vintage cars, and sports equipment. Visitors had a chance to explore and experience various products and activities, including a Kids Inflatable City, live music, dancing, snake handling, and even a chilli eating competition.

The event was a great success for TyreLife Solutions, with the launch of their new Patriot tyre and inspiring talk from Brand Ambassador Kingsley Holgate. 

The Super Tyres staff members were thrilled and grateful to be guests of TyreLife Solutions.

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