Team Pinetown Shines Bright at TMG Colour Run 2024

TMG Colour Run

Team Pinetown Shines Bright at TMG Colour Run 2024

Team Pinetown Shines Bright at TMG Colour Run 2024 1

In a whirlwind of colour and community spirit, Team Pinetown emerged as a beacon of excitement and support at the TMG Colour Run on 16th March 2024. Held in aid of charity, this annual event brought together runners and supporters from all walks of life, and Team Pinetown made sure their presence was felt in the most vibrant way possible.

As a featured stop along the run route, Team Pinetown’s activation station became a hub of energy and enthusiasm. With water bottles in hand and smiles on their faces, team members greeted participants with encouragement and cheers, providing much-needed refreshment as runners made their way through the colourful course.

But it wasn’t just about hydration – Team Pinetown went above and beyond at the TMG Colour Run station to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Colourful smoke bombs filled the air, adding an extra element of excitement and spectacle to the event. And for those looking to take a break from the run, the team offered a variety of games and activities, ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

More than just a day of fun, the TMG Colour Run was also an opportunity to give back to the community. With all proceeds from the event going to the Flame Lily retirement home, every step taken and every burst of colour served a greater purpose – to support those in need and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

As the dust settled and the colours faded, Team Pinetown reflected on the day’s events with pride and gratitude. Their dedication and enthusiasm had not only made the TMG Colour Run a success but had also helped to brighten the lives of those in their community who needed it most. And as they looked forward to next year’s event, one thing was certain – Team Pinetown would be ready to bring the colour and the joy once again.

But, that’s not all.. Team Pinetown’s table was also voted best station at the event by the runners and they are going to receive a prize on the Breakfast Drive radio show with Travis Duggan. Watch this space!

Team Pinetown Shines Bright at TMG Colour Run 2024 2

We at Super Tyres congratulate Chané and The Pinetown Team – Thank you for flying the Super Tyres flag high. We love to see you embracing our value of “FUN”.

We believe it is important to incorporate fun into the workplace where interactions with colleagues can significantly enhance the overall work environment. Engaging in enjoyable activities or sharing light-hearted moments not only breaks the monotony of daily routines but also encourages team bonding and reduces stress. When employees feel connected and enjoy their time at work and with fellow colleagues, it boosts their morale, increases job satisfaction, and enhances their productivity. We are committed to valuing our staffs happiness and work-life balance.

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