The latest on our ‘Asibambisane’ projects

The latest on our 'Asibambisane' projects 1

The latest on our ‘Asibambisane’ projects

We take pride in being active community members and supporting the organisations we work amongst. In the first quarter of 2022 we sponsored the below events and charities:

This year we were one of the sponsors at the annual Umhlanga Ski Boat Festival that took place from 1-3 April. In the pic, Tyrone Byrne (left) receives his R5000 tyre voucher from our GM Graham Bush, in the middle is club chairman, Byron Kane.

The latest on our 'Asibambisane' projects 2

In March the EASY SYSTEMS team powered by yours truly attended the first KZN RRC race day of the year. The event was held at Dezzi’s Raceway in Port Shepstone and our mates were placed 4th overall giving them a spot into A Class for the year. We have committed to 12 wheel alignment appointments with the racer in exchange of ST stickers on his racing car. We wish Tim all the best for the 2022 races.

The latest on our 'Asibambisane' projects 3

In April we donated cooler boxes for a regional dart championship. Quentin (manager at our JV- Hoopers VW Durban Central) proudly distributed these cool prizes to his fellow dart mates.

The latest on our 'Asibambisane' projects 4
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