Tamalin’s Inspiring Thank-You!

Tamalin's thank-you

Tamalin’s Inspiring Thank-You!

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Sky Tshabalala, Dean Horn, Darren Maule, Jayshree Parasuramen and Tamlyn Nyman.

Following on From Tamalin’s Visit to ECR

We shared about our wonderful opportunity to help Tamalin with tyre sponsorship in our last post. Since then, we’ve had such an inspiring and encouraging thank-you mail from Tamalin, that we decided (with her permission) that it’s well worth sharing on this platform.

An Inspiring Thank-you From Tamalin

Dear Dean, 

As you know, 3 weeks ago, I was driving home from dropping my son off at school when I entered Darren Maule’s quick quiz and I WON! 

Reload was initiated with the opportunity to double my money for 1 more question. I was super reluctant at first in fear of losing the money, but eventually I gave in and agreed to give it a go. For some reason, my explanation for not wanting to loose the money initially touched listeners of the show and when I was contacted back by the producer to answer that life changing last question, I was shocked (as were the presenters) that 2 companies called in to offer a 50/50 safety net whether I won or lost to ensure that I still claimed the prize. I was so humbled and grateful and had to hold back the tears. But again, I WON, and graciously accepted my winnings and gave a shout out to my Company and close friend/colleague.

One of those sponsors was the legendary SA fullback Andre’ Joubert and his Director Steve Cooper from 3C Technologies. It just so happens that Andre’ has a personal connection to a Director of First Group and went out of his way to obtain my details to send me a personal email to congratulate me. I was blown away and so honored by the intension of his email, especially being who he is and for the genuine care he showered me with. 

If that wasn’t enough, a week ago I was contacted again by the producer of ECR who asked me to come into the studio and do a LIVE segment to re-cap on the show and meet someone who wanted to meet me. I had mentioned on the show what I needed to spend the cash on and the first thing that came to mind were tyres for my car because the tread was dangerously low on all of them and I was concerned for our safety. I have not been in a position to buy them previously due to financial difficulty. Thursday 4th May, I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to Umhlanga East Coast Radio House with my son to air live on the show between 7 and 8am. They re-capped on the show and then I had the honor of being introduced to yourself who graciously offered to replace all 4 tyres on my vehicle. Not just any tyres, Continentals which I know will give me many more miles. When we got back to the workshop, your technician advised that I change my front and back breaks as soon as possible as they are only cm from wearing completely. You jumped in without hesitation and said that when I had more time that I bring my car back so that I can have it done for me at no charge!! 

My Story: 

When you are married or in a relationship, you work together towards building the life you want to have. I was with my husband for 19 years when we parted and where we were contributing as a unity in our own capacity, you now have to do life on your own in its entirety. I was not the sole bread winner at the time and I didn’t even have a full time job, so I had to start over again and I quickly realized how my life was becoming smaller and smaller. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck for 14 years with the struggle of raising 2 children and its never enough. There is NO money for extras, so when your kids need clothes, you buy on account, when you have to replace anything that’s urgent enough, you are extending on your overdraft, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, but then you still have to pay back Paul, so you are starting a new month in a deficit – it just never ends. My tyres were dangerously worn in, but I simply couldn’t afford to replace them. It may seem trivial to some, but your gesture is life changing to me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me feel safe and secure. Its one less thing to worry about and it gives me a moment of peace that is difficult to even put into words. On a personal note, Dean, you are one of the nicest people I have met in a very long time. You have a beautiful kind spirited and caring nature and it was a pleasure meeting you and now knowing you – I am better off for it.   

After the show, we were met by a man named Allen from Mugg n Bean who heard us on the show and offered for us to come and have a coffee and bite to eat on him, which I thought was just too amazing. I mean, what can I say! The generosity and kindness of people out there is humbling and not only do I feel blessed, but spiritually enlightened – I couldn’t help but share my experience with you. It’s absolutely mind blowing and I am so grateful and proud. Still a long way to go, but this is the perfect start 😊#Godisgood

Thanks again Dean Horn and Super Tyres for your grace. 

Kind regards,


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