Windscreen Wipers


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    A good set of windscreen wipers is critical for keeping you safe and your vision clear, especially while driving in wet weather. Worn out or damaged windscreen wipers affect your visibility on the road if they are unable to remove marks or debris that can distract you while driving. It is therefore recommended that you change your wiper blades every 6-12 months or when you notice a change in driving visibility.

    Things like sand, mud, dust, sunlight and debris on the windscreen can cause damage to wiper blades and because the rubber on the blades is degradable, they lose flexibility and stop making proper contact with the windscreen. Checking your wiper blades regularly, and replacing them when necessary, will ensure a clear unobstructed view and keep you and other road users safe on the roads.

    Signs of faulty windscreen wipers:

    • Visible streaks and stripes on your windscreen may mean the wipers are missing bristles.
    • Worn out wiper blades may no longer touch every part of the surface of your windscreen which leaves blurry patches.
    • Wipers making a squeaky or rattling sound while in use may mean there is a crack or tear in the rubber.
    • Wipers that lift from the windscreen while in use.

    Looking after your Wiper Blades:

    • Do not use them to clean coarse dirt or leaves from your windscreen.
    • Do not use them to remove ice or frost, rather use an ice-scraper.
    • Have your windshield cleaned every time you fill up at the petrol station.
    • Try to park your car undercover or in the shade for protection from the hot sun.
    • Don’t operate your wipers dry, they are made to be used on wet surfaces.
    • Wipe your blades clean from time to time using washer fluid.
    • Check the water level in the windscreen washer and if necessary top it up with washer fluid.

    Although windscreen wiper blades are durable, you can help them last longer by using the tips above. In turn, they will serve you well.

    Super Tyres can recommend which windscreen wiper blades sets are right for your car and can even replace them for you! Do this sooner rather than later to avoid getting stuck in an unexpected rainstorm with no windscreen wipers!