Rims, mags and wheels are not the same things even though they are sometimes used interchangeably. The outer edge of a car wheel which supports and holds the tyre firmly in place is known as the rim. Car rims are usually made from the same metal or alloy as the rest of the wheel and are sometimes coated with Teflon for extra protection against damage from pavements and potholes. Rims come in a variety of designs, widths and materials depending on the size of your tyres, your vehicle and your desired driving experience.

    A quality set of rims will improve the performance of your vehicle and provide a more comfortable ride. It is important that the rims fit the car; otherwise, it will perform poorly. They must also be suitable for your driving style and where you do most of your driving e.g. off-road or city driving.

    Even though rims are made of metal and are very durable, they are not indestructible. The most common causes of rim damage are:

    • Potholes: Hitting a pothole can cause car rims to bend or twist.
    • Curbs: Hitting the curb or pavement can cause damage to the paint or finish of the rims. Rims also get damaged when you rub the wheel of the car against the curb when parking.
    • Brake dust: Deposits of this residue can burn into the surface of rims and have a corrosive effect that develops into rust.

    Maintenance tips to prevent brake dust buildup:

    • Rinse off loose debris with a hose or high pressure water.
    • Wash rims with sponge and soap water.
    • Rinse and dry the wheel with a microfibre cloth or towel.
    • Apply a high-quality wheel sealant to offer protection against brake dust and permanent marks on the surface.

    Tell-tale signs of damaged rims:

    • Feeling a vibration or shakiness while steering.
    • A tyre that keeps deflating.
    • A sudden change in the car’s handling characteristics like you can’t control it properly.
    • Visible signs of damage like cracks or scratches.

    To avoid blowouts and poor handling, you must have your wheel rim repaired as soon as possible if it has become damaged.

    Super Tyres can go over all the options available for your car and help you select the best rims possible. We will take proper measurements of your wheel’s diameter and width to find the tyre’s aspect ratio. We are here to serve!