Car Batteries




    A vehicle battery is the source of power for your car and without it, your starter motor, alarm system, radio and headlights won’t work. Car batteries are probably one of the parts in a vehicle that is neglected the most. It is quite common for us not to test our car battery until it’s too late and the vehicle doesn’t start. Eventually, every car battery needs to be replaced, whether it’s because it’s nearing the end of its life or because the lights or radio have been left on too long. A normal car battery has an approximate lifespan of three to four years.

    Common warning signs that your car battery needs replacing:

    • Battery light on the dash while you are driving means that the alternator is not getting enough voltage from the car battery.
    • A clicking sound when you start the car means the starter is receiving insufficient power from the battery.
    • Dim headlights while idling.
    • Hooter or indicators that don’t work.
    • The car is slow to start.
    • Blue corrosion on the terminals of the battery pack.
    • The battery is fat or swollen.

    Reasons to get an expert to fit a new battery:

    • Batteries are highly flammable.
    • Batteries contain sulphuric acid which can cause burns and the fumes can harm your lungs.
    • Electrical system malfunctions could result if the battery is fitted incorrectly.
    • Safe disposal of the old battery.

    You can risk serious injury if you don’t have the correct tools and knowledge when replacing a battery. Correct safety measures must be in place when handling vehicle batteries.

    Looking after your battery:

    • Keep it clean to protect it from corrosion.
    • Drive often and limit short trips.
    • Vehicles parked for days on end can decrease the longevity of a battery.
    • Short trips will not give your battery enough time to fully recharge after starting and therefore reduces its voltage over time.
    • If the vehicle is going to stand still for a long time you should disconnect the negative terminal.
    • Test your battery regularly.

    Proper battery maintenance will ensure that you avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

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