Recognition is the greatest motivator!

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Recognition is the greatest motivator! – Gerard C. Eakedale

Yet another five star review for our Umgeni Road team, following an act of kindness. Management has since awarded the below heroes with  a “Caught-in-The-Act” Certificate; recognition for their above and beyond attitude. We received the below mail from David Cobble.

Recognition is the greatest motivator! 2
On Friday the 20th of November I had sent my vehicle to another company for a power steering service, when I returned to collect my vehicle, I then developed a lot of technical errors which caused my vehicle to cut and not start again I was assisted by 2 gentleman from Super Tyres Umgeni, A Tall white gentleman and a Short in comparison Indian gentleman who where locking up stayed to help. We were unable to get Joy from the situation, when the two gentleman offered to help push and store my vehicle over night, To my surprise when I returned the following morning the Two gentleman had managed to start and keep my car running so that I was able, to drive to my mechanic and sort the electrical problems The effort and attention I was given though I was not a customer was beyond what I could ask for. Massively impressed by the staff and company ethics. Will gladly do future business.