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Report a pothole on WhatsApp by sharing a location pin and picture… we’ll try to get there.

Pothole Repair Project

ASIBAMBISANE (Let’s carry each other) is an inspiring Super Tyres initiative, originally developed for our staff and now extended to the wider community through the POTHOLE REPAIR project. Aligned with our ethos, ‘Let our family take care of your family on the road,’ this project aims to make a tangible impact in the communities we serve. Please note, as a voluntary community service, Super Tyres cannot commit to repairing every reported pothole. We focus on smaller potholes in low traffic residential areas and do not receive payment for these repairs. 

  • Super Tyres has equipped and trained our team, including senior management, to fix typical potholes in residential areas.
  • Community members can send us a LOCATION PIN and PHOTO of a pothole via WhatsApp, ensuring safety while doing so.
  • We evaluate each submission to confirm if we can undertake the repair.
  • Eligible potholes are listed on our voting website (https://supertyres.co.za/pothole-repairs/) by location and street address.
  • Everyone can vote for the potholes they want repaired.
  • The highest-voted potholes will be prioritized.
  • After repair, we’ll post a picture of the pothole on our website, marking it as ‘completed.’
Join us in this collaborative effort to improve our roads and safety!

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