Our Running Super Hero

Running Hero 1

Our marathon man, Welcome Mathenjwa, ran his first Comrades Marathon in 2018, in an incredible time of 10 hours and 35 minutes. This year, Welcome competed in the Witness Maritzburg City Marathon, which took place on the 24th of February. He finished 296th out of a staggering 2446 participants, in a time of 3 hours 28 minutes. With this amazing performance, Welcome has managed to qualify for this epic marathon for a second time, and will be competing on the 9th of June 2019! 

Managing director, Dean Horn, is extremely proud of Welcome’s stellar performance, and believes that Welcome will be able to break the 8-hour mark in this year’s marathon, a full 2 hours faster than his first Comrades. 

Welcome says: “I’ve been doing 20km runs every day to help with the preparation for this year’s marathon, as well as competing in smaller competitions, such as the one that took place in Feb.” He is extremely hopeful for his chances to surpass last years’ time with a brand-new time of “just under the 8-hour mark,” says Welcome.

This year’s Comrades Marathon is an Up Run, and will go past our Pinetown branch early on in the race, where all our Super Heroes will be gathered to cheer for Welcome! 

 We’re all rooting for you, Welcome! Good luck!