Our Family Days are back!

Our Family Days are back! 1

Our Family Days are back!

These days, it can be difficult for employees to effectively split their time between family and work responsibilities. To demonstrate Super Tyre’s support for our employees’ between work and personal lives, on Saturday 7th May and Saturday 28 May (for Durban and Zululand branches respectively), we hosted company Family Days, another Asibambisane initiative, where we blend fun, family and work together. Our Durban TEAM Members brought their immediate family along to the Virginia Circle Miniature Trains venue to enjoy food & drinks, great activities, socialising and just relaxing.

Our Family Days are back! 2

Our family day events are designed to be suitable for all the family, young and old. We see our staff as more than just money-generating machines so we willingly invest time and money in them to ensure they remain content and happy working for our Super Tyres family. It’s been a tough couple of years for our Teams, and we know that a lot of staff have put in overtime, extra effort and hard work for the company, Family Fun Days are our way of saying thank you. Our Zululand Family Day was held at the Zululand Chamber of Commerce Community Park. Everyone enjoyed the face painting, magic show, balloon tying, jumping castle as well as playing soccer and volleyball.

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