Meet Sache & Leslie


Leslie is the Financial Manager at Super Tyres and she keeps a tight control of debtors, creditors, bookkeeping, buying and stock management. “I am also very involved in HR and truly love growing and nurturing people. I find it so rewarding to help others and am committed to making a difference in other’s lives.”

Sache is the IT Development Manager at Super Tyres and is responsible for improving processes, streamlining and automating systems, portal development and new IT project management. “I absolutely love what I do and am passionate about finding solutions to streamline processes. Making someone’s job easier, quicker and less stressful is very rewarding!”

Leslie and Sache’s advice for fellow women is to never doubt their worth or ability. “Never sell yourself short. You can be successful in a man’s world and are more than capable of achieving great things. Empower yourself through learning, ensure you have a skill and always keep your independence.”

There is a growing trend of women coming in to have their tyres replaced and/or wheel alignment seen to. “Whilst we still have men coming in to our stores, we have definitely noticed an increase in the number of women coming in over the past few years which is wonderful,” explains Dean.

Sache says she loves working in the tyre industry and has great respect for all women who work in typically male-dominated industries. “This women’s month let’s all make a concerted effort to recognise, honour and appreciate all the wonderful women in our lives.”