Meet Debbie


Debbie Marimuthu joined Super Tyres in 2004 in creditors and then debtors before working her way into the sales department. This is where her passion for effective negotiation and customer service blossomed and she was soon appointed to Warehouse Manager at the Super Tyres head office in Durban.

Working in a predominantly male industry has never bothered Debbie and she prides herself on successfully managing a large warehouse with no stock shortages. Dealing with customers from all across South Africa, Debbie ensures that each client becomes part of the Super Tyres family and strives to uphold the company motto: ‘To create raving fans with every life we touch.’ 

Debbie’s advice for fellow women is to never doubt their worth or ability. “Never think less of yourself and keep persevering to empower yourself through continual learning. Set yourself goals, plan your journey, welcome challenges and be prepared to take risks.”

There is a growing trend of women coming in to have their tyres replaced and/or wheel alignment seen to. “Whilst we still have men coming in to our stores, we have definitely noticed an increase in the number of women coming in over the past few years which is wonderful,” explains Dean.

Debbie says she loves working in the tyre industry and has great respect for all women who work in typically male-dominated industries. “This women’s month let’s all make a concerted effort to recognise, honour and appreciate all the wonderful women in our lives.”