Marist Alumni Inspire the Future: Our Own Dean Horn is a Rousing Success

Marist Alumni

Marist Alumni Inspire the Future: Our Own Dean Horn is a Rousing Success

Marist Alumni Inspire the Future: Our Own Dean Horn is a Rousing Success 1

St. Henry’s Marist College recently launched its exciting Entrepreneurship Guest Speaker Series: Marist Alumni Journeys – Inspiring the Future of Tomorrow. The inaugural event featured alumnus Dean Horn and Chris Nxumalo, his marketing assistant, and it was a resounding success.

The aim of the series is to connect current pupils with Marist alumni and community members who can share their entrepreneurial journeys and life lessons. This inspiring approach brings the world of business and Marist achievements closer to home, making it more relatable and achievable for students.

Sharing Knowledge, Building Futures

Dean’s talk resonated deeply with the high school audience. His message emphasized the power of knowledge and the importance of finding one’s own learning path. He challenged the misconception that success requires being an “A” student, instead highlighting the value of daily engagement with learning.

His insights on time management, avoiding procrastination, and the influence of our surroundings offered invaluable guidance to students navigating their own journeys. As Kerry Phillips, a representative from St. Henry’s, noted, “if this message resonates with just one pupil, it has the ability to change their life dramatically.”

Taking Charge, Shaping the Future

Chris’s message complemented Dean’s perfectly. He emphasized accountability and taking responsibility for one’s life direction. By sharing his challenges and personal story, Chris drove home the message that “life is not happening to you, but happening for you.” His powerful testament to the significance of owning our decisions and shaping our futures inspired the students.

Planting Seeds of Inspiration

The event wasn’t just about business success; it was about empowering students to take charge of their lives. Both Dean and Chris’s talks served as “seeds of wisdom,” encouraging students (and everyone present) to reflect on their paths and the choices they make.

A Look Forward With Marist Alumni

The positive response to the inaugural event is a promising sign for the future of the Marist Alumni Journeys series. St. Henry’s expressed their deepest gratitude to Dean and Chris for giving their time and sharing their inspiring stories. Their generosity will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the students they met.

We’re always delighted to be a part of helping and inspiring those in our communities and we’re super proud of Dean and Chris.

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