Local businesswomen’s passion for their work never ‘tyres’


Our Super Tyres female heroes are showing their male counterparts that they are more than capable of working and thriving in a typically male-dominated industry – the tyre industry.

Super Tyres Managing Director, Dean Horn, explains that having a female influence in the business has been phenomenal. “Over the past few years we have welcomed more women into the business to fulfil various roles from tyre fitters to branch manager positions. Women are equally knowledgeable and have outstanding attention to detail. Their customer service and management skills are fantastic and their willingness to learn and grow is admirable.”

There is a growing trend of women coming in to have their tyres replaced and/or wheel alignment seen to. “Whilst we still have men coming into our stores, we have definitely noticed an increase in the number of women coming in over the past few years which is wonderful,” explains Dean.

This women’s month we honour and appreciate ALL the wonderful women in our business and our lives.

Look out for our blogs and on Facebook as we highlight some of the women working in operations (traditionally more male dominated) at Super Tyres:-

Tracey – Financial Director

·         Leslie – Financial Manager

·         Sache – ( check title with Dean?)

·         Debbie – Warehouse Manager

·         Belinda – Retail Branch Manager

·         Chane – Sales Lady

·         Samantha – Sales Lady

·         Natatsha – Sales Lady

·         Marizelle – IT / Stock Control