LIV Village Update

LIV Village Update 1

LIV Village Update

The Verulam based organisation, LIV, was nominated by our MD, Dean Horn as one of Super Tyres’ beneficiaries and we support the home of Mum Ntokozo and the children in her devoted care. Here is an update on our LIV Village family.

LIV Village Update 2

The boys are doing well in sport, they had a successful rugby season playing for the Junior Ballito dolphins. As soccer season has started both Lubanzi and Junior play for the u10s and u7s teams and are excelling in their training and matches. Sandile has taken a liking to art and practices his drawings, he is quite inventive with his Lego too. Zo has been working hard preparing for her Teneo exams and really starting to grow and thrive in the visual arts class, her artworks are truly masterpieces. She has been active in the basketball field and played for the LIV girls 1st team in the Val-Fowler tournament. They won 6 out of their 7 games, securing them first place for the 3rd year running! We are incredibly proud of Zo and excited to see the great and wonderful things she will do. We wish the children all the best as they approach their final exams and hope to see them all advancing to the next grade.

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