How to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Cheerful family in a car on a road trip

If you’ve been on a family road trip, you know how tough it is to keep children entertained on the road. The relentless ‘are we there yet?” questions could test the most fun-loving parents. Kids love to think outside the box, and confining them to a car for hours can really test their patience and yours.

Here are 4 methods that can help you ensure the next road trip is a fun experience for every member of the family.

  • Create an art kit

Most children love to draw and be creative, so anything that involves colour pencils and paper is huge winner. To create this kit, you just need a DVD cover, cut a piece of paper to fit into the left side of the case. On the right side of the case, you can place all the colouring equipment with a rubber band.

  • Hourly gifts and treats

Wrapping up gifts to give by the hour helps entertain them, and gives them something to look forward to by the hour. You can also use it as a time indicator. For instance, if you have five gifts, this helps them estimate the length of the trip without having to explain too often. This can also make a beautiful visual story for your road trip snaps. Examples of cost-effective gifts include: little toys, action figures, comic books, a chocolate bar or a cheap barbie doll, etc.

How to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Road Trip 2
  • A car charger and games

Tablets loaded with your kids’ favourite games is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained. You can also keep it educational with e-books. The great thing is that most apps can now be used offline if data is a huge concern. Don’t forget your car charger!

  • Comfort goes a long way

It’s important to note that infants must be placed in a safe car seat. Having a parent or an older sibling next to the baby is a good idea because sometimes having someone to look at is enough to avoid restlessness. Make sure there are sun screens for the windows and lots of liquid to keep them hydrated. Food packed neatly in a cooler box will make sure food isn’t a dull experience. You could even ask them to draw up their own menu, to avoid complaints.

Don’t forget to make the holidays a special treat for your loved ones. Happy travelling!