How to Claim for Pothole Damage


You know how it goes… It’s raining, and you drive into what looks like a puddle of water, only to meet a pothole! And because you never saw it, you did not exercise cautionary speed. This can result in anything from steering system misalignment to a full-on tyre puncture, or worse, bent rims. All it takes is a split second, and the damage is done.

Tyres and rims are crucial to maintaining the balance and alignment of your car. Experts note that damage to your tyres may not always be clear, but can result in many other problems, such as premature wear on shocks, exhaust system damage or even engine damage.

Replacing tyres or damaged rims is not a cheap solution, but the good news is that you may be able to claim from the JRA (Johannesburg Road Agency) if you meet the following requirements. It’s as easy as filling in a claims form that you will need to submit. This claim form must be attached with a:

  •  Police affidavit
  •  A copy of driver’s license and ID
  •  Vehicle registration documents
  •  Photos of the damaged car, tyre or rim
  •  Quotations of invoice/payment
  •  Doctors report if you sustained injury and letters from the insurance company

Tips when filing your claim:

  • Fax or email documents, don’t do both as this delays the process.
  • If you don’t receive acknowledgment of receipt within three days with a reference number, email the JRA claims office or call 0860 562 874 or 011 298 5001.
  • Each claim is assessed on its merits, which means not all claims will be successfully paid out.

To get started, download the claim form the JRA website.