Factory Tour

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“Knowledge is power, power gives you confidence”, says Frank Mkhize at the Marketing Support Centre. Frank and eight other heroes visited the Dundee-based Dunlop Factory on the 5th of February this year.

The start-to-finish tyre process equipped the heroes with more knowledge to better serve the raving fans, answer their day to day questions, and overall, to reassure fans that choosing Super Tyres is always the best choice.

The drive out to the plant, having a good meal and sitting around the table like a family to share the experience was a perfect example of our FAMILY value in action, and a great opportunity to build team morale.

We are proud to offer such an experience with a partner like Dunlop, a renowned tyre manufacturer that values constant growth and improvement of quality. We look forward to granting more heroes this great experience.

Factory Tour 2
Ivor, Chris, Frank, Comfort, Wiseman, Sugan, Lulu, Floor: Brandon & Cedric
Factory Tour 3
Factory Tour 4
Factory Tour 5