Debbie, our pool champion!

Debbie, our pool champion! 1

Debbie, our pool champion!

My pool playing career began as a naughty youngster hanging out at pool bars with my bestie Sylvester Henry about 20 years ago. It was a Hotshots in Tongaat where the league players noticed my talent for pool and registered me as a league player. Within two years of playing, I was clearly passionate and seen as a strikingly competitive opponent. Notably, my competitiveness secured me a spot in the KZN Trials around 2005, which took me to the SA Championships. It was here at the SA Championships that I had been seeded in the 14th position at my best out of about 130 players. My career and studies had then become quite demanding and time-consuming, which led me to retire from the tables about 10 years ago.

Debbie, our pool champion! 2
Debbie in the white shirt posing with teammates.

Here we go 10 years later, my bestie Sylvester Henry and my brother Jared Jude Marimuthu had signed me up again under the false pretense that I was just filling in a spot for 2 months. Unbeknownst to me, when I returned to the tables, it was as if an adrenaline rush had gotten me sinking those balls again, as if it had only been yesterday since I had last played. This revealed my talent once more, as my Hotshots teammates and I defeated the Pietermaritzburg team 34-16 in Tongaat on October 8, 2022, and 30-20 away in Pietermaritzburg. My best scores were 7–10 and 6–10, respectively. For a rusty old timer, this is quite elevating. Since then, life has taught me never to give up on something you enjoy and excel at. I want to commend my team mates, Captain Romita, Diane, Deshnie, Rowan, and Sorisha, for their outstanding performance and victory against the PMB ladies. It was heartwarming to meet our PMB ladies, who are now family to us. I want to wish all the pool players every success in the upcoming KZN Trials.

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