Driving Success Beyond Treads: Dean Horn Takes the Stage at ActionCOACH Event 


Driving Success Beyond Treads: Dean Horn Takes the Stage at ActionCOACH Event 

Driving Success Beyond Treads: Dean Horn Takes the Stage at ActionCOACH Event  1

At the recent 15th Annual ActionCOACH Southern Africa National Franchise Conference and Awards weekend held at Champagne Sports Resort in Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal, our very own Dean Horn, had the distinct privilege of being one of the speakers. The event brought together speakers from three countries, with 50 coaches and support staff in attendance for a weekend of learning, celebration, reflection, challenges, and, of course, loads of fun. 

One of the moments that Dean will always remember was when he took the stage alongside other influential speakers, including Peter Boolkah, the renowned Transition Guy and current #1 ActionCOACH Business Coach in the world. 

In his address, Dean shared his insights and experiences in leading Super Tyres. He later shared, “It was a real honour to be able to give back to South Africa’s coaches.” He emphasised the collaborative effort that has driven Super Tyres to achieve remarkable results on Google, attributing the success to the incredible Super Tyres staff. 

Dean acknowledges that success is a team effort. “I don’t serve one customer,” he said during his presentation, highlighting the collective dedication and hard work of the entire Super Tyres team. This recognition of the team’s contribution resonated well with the audience, showcasing the company’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. 

The impact of Dean’s presentation was far-reaching. One of ActionCOACH’s top international coaches, impressed by Dean’s insights and leadership, suggested that he be nominated as the world entrepreneur of the year. Dean, humbled by the suggestion, is further inspired to keep driving forward. 

This acknowledgment is not only a testament to Dean’s leadership but also reflects positively on Super Tyres as a whole. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has not gone unnoticed. 

As we celebrate this recognition, we’re reminded that success is a journey, and with such great management and staff, Super Tyres is on a journey towards even greater heights. We look forward to the continued growth, innovation, and collaborative spirit that define Super Tyres under Dean’s leadership.

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