Grandparents Day at Super Tyres

The first Sunday of October is Grandparents’ Day in South Africa, the day is dedicated to celebrate the contribution the elderly people make into life of South Africa. They are the pillars of many families and also provide care for vulnerable children and orphans. At Super Tyres we will be celebrating these heroes a bit differently, on Saturday 3rd of October we welcome the gogos and mkhulus to our branches between 07:30 and midday.

Visit one of our branches to enjoy this offer.





Local businesswomen’s passion for their work never ‘tyres’

Our Super Tyres female heroes are showing their male counterparts that they are more than capable of working and thriving in a typically male-dominated industry – the tyre industry.

Super Tyres Managing Director, Dean Horn, explains that having a female influence in the business has been phenomenal. “Over the past few years we have welcomed more women into the business to fulfil various roles from tyre fitters to branch manager positions. Women are equally knowledgeable and have outstanding attention to detail. Their customer service and management skills are fantastic and their willingness to learn and grow is admirable.”

There is a growing trend of women coming in to have their tyres replaced and/or wheel alignment seen to. “Whilst we still have men coming into our stores, we have definitely noticed an increase in the number of women coming in over the past few years which is wonderful,” explains Dean.

This women’s month we honour and appreciate ALL the wonderful women in our business and our lives.

Look out for our blogs and on Facebook as we highlight some of the women working in operations (traditionally more male dominated) at Super Tyres:-

Tracey – Financial Director

·         Leslie – Financial Manager

·         Sache – ( check title with Dean?)

·         Debbie – Warehouse Manager

·         Belinda – Retail Branch Manager

·         Chane – Sales Lady

·         Samantha – Sales Lady

·         Natatsha – Sales Lady

·         Marizelle – IT / Stock Control

2019 Year-End Awards

Part of our culture at Super Tyres is to recognise and reward our staff for the hard work they do throughout the year, and the end of the year is a fitting period for reflections like these. On December 16, everyone gathered for our annual awards ceremony. The Durban team gathered at head office, while the Zululand team met up at the Dunlop Zone Empangeni branch.

In 2019, we introduced a new award in honour of our founders, Bob & Jos Horn, est. 1971. Chris, from our Empangeni branch, became the first recipient of this award, based on how he stepped up as an area mentor and took on the challenge. Gonnie, from the PMB branch, was another superhero whose incredible work was recognised on the day. Here are some of the award recipients from this special day.

What to do when you’re in an accident

  1. When you are in an accident, it is important to stay calm, don’t talk too much and only exchange personal and insurance information with the drivers of the other cars.
  2. It is also important to report the accident to the police immediately and obtain a case number that the insurance company will require when you lodge your claim.
  3. If anyone got hurt in the accident (or if you think anyone got hurt), then everybody who is part of the accident remains at the accident scene. Report it to the police and they will come out to you to give you a case number.
  4. Keep a copy of your insurance schedule with your policy number and the company’s contact details on your phone and in your car at all times. If you are in an accident, call the emergency roadside, your broker or the insurance company’s call centre for further guidance.

Always remember to contact your broker or insurance company if you change cars or if the address changes where the car is parked in the day or night like when you move or change jobs.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance – Value and Premium

Determining the Value of Your Car

When you insure your car, most of the insurance companies will use the computer system to determine the current value of your car. That is why they need to know exactly what car you have like its model number, what year it was manufactured and if you made any modifications to the car.

You can either insure your car for its retail value or market value. The retail value is a better option. Or, you can save on your premium and only insure it for its trade-in value which is a lower value than dealerships normally payout when you sell the car to them or trade it in for a new one.

If you have made extensive modifications to your car or you have an old vintage car that you want to insure, the insurance company will ask you to send in a written valuation of the value.

Determining the Premium You’ll Pay

The use of the car is important when the premium is calculated. For example, if the car is used for deliveries, then it will increase the risk on the car and the premium may be higher. Trips to and from your work count as personal use. When you visit clients during the day, it will be considered either full or partial business use, depending on your type of work and number of visits you make to clients or suppliers every day.

Apart from the use of the car, your premium will also be influenced by, for example:

  • the value of the vehicle;
  • the colour of the vehicle (white cars and cars with bright colours like yellow are normally cheaper);
  • who drives the car (with some companies, insurance on women is cheaper);
  • how old the driver is (young drivers usually pay more because they tend to be more inexperienced and/or irresponsible on the road) or how long the driver has a license;
  • where the car is parked in the day or night (how safe or risky the address is where it is parked, whether it is out in the open or locked up in a garage);
  • previous claims you had (which you have to be very honest about); and
  • the excess you choose (this is the amount that you will be responsible for if you have a claim).

Other Options When Taking Out Insurance

If you choose a higher excess, you will pay a lower premium. Just make sure that if you choose a higher excess to save money, you have emergency funds available to pay the excess if your car was in an accident. Some companies offer you a chance not to have any excess, but of course, at a higher premium.

You have the option to add “Car Hire” as an extra benefit to your policy, which will increase your premium. If your car was in an accident longer than a certain period, you will be able to hire a car for a certain period at no cost to yourself.

Most insurance companies will only provide cover on the car if the person driving the car was specified on the policy as the regular driver. Make sure what your policy says before you let anyone else drive your car. Some companies allow you to add other drivers, like your spouse. Some companies do not list specific names of drivers, but they may charge you an extra excess if the car was driven by anyone else. In any instance, the other driver of your car must either:

  • have a valid driver’s license; or
  • or a learner’s license and be accompanied by someone with a valid driver’s license.