Super Tyres beach clean-up initiative: one tyre at a time

Super Tyres beach clean-up initiative: one tyre at a time 2

Following the recent floods across KwaZulu-Natal, Super Tyres have launched a beach clean-up initiative as part of their Asibambisane (which means ‘let us carry each other’) Community Projects.

“Hundreds of tyres are amongst the large amounts of rubbish and debris that has been washed up onto our beautiful beaches. If you spot washed up tyres anywhere along the coast from Umhlanga to South beach please contact us and our team will collect them and ensure they are disposed of safely and responsibly,” says Dean Horn – Managing Director of Super Tyres.

On Tuesday 19th April, Dean and his wife, Sache, together with volunteers from the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) collected over one hundred tyres from the Umhlanga beach and transported them to the local waste management facility.

The public are encouraged to contact Dean Horn via WhatsApp on 083 384 4175 to report beached tyres along the Durban coast between Umhlanga and South beach.

“Together we can make a difference and get KZN on the road to recovery, one tyre at a time,” concludes Horn.

Savvy tips to save fuel and money

Savvy tips to save fuel and money 4

Following further hefty fuel price increases this month, South African motorists have to find savvy ways to save fuel and money.  

“While the speed you drive is arguably the most significant factor affecting fuel consumption, there are a number of other ways you can change your driving habits that will have a substantial impact on the money you spend at the pump,” explains Dean Horn – Super Tyres Managing Director. 

1. Keep tabs on tyre pressure

Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as underinflated and/or overinflated tyres adversely affect fuel economy. Approximately 20 percent of fuel goes towards overcoming friction between the tyres and the road, therefore ensure you have your tyres checked to help prevent unnecessary spending at the pumps.

2. Maintain your vehicle

A car can burn up to 30% more fuel if regular maintenance is not performed. Things like worn spark plugs, worn rings, faulty injectors, sticky brakes, dirty oil and dirty filters all add up to engine inefficiency which leads to increased fuel consumption.

3. Be wheel wise

Check your car’s wheel alignment. Bad wheel alignment causes more friction which takes more power to overcome and results in higher fuel consumption. It is also important to rotate your tyres regularly to help extend the life of your tyres and improve performance. It is advisable to rotate and balance your tyres, and have wheel alignment done every 10,000 Km.

4. Gentle right foot

Excessive speed is the biggest fuel-consuming factor so having a light right foot and ensuring all acceleration is gentle is important to fuel-efficient driving. The best advice is to drive at the lowest speed in the highest gear that the road and traffic conditions allow without labouring the engine. 

5. Don’t get dragged down

Don’t leave your roof bars and roof box on unnecessarily because they create wind resistance and cause your car to use more fuel through the ‘drag’ effect. This is increased the faster you drive. An empty roof rack adds approximately 15% drag when driving 120kmh. At the same speed, a roof box adds 39% drag, making your vehicle much less fuel efficient. Driving with an open window also has a similar effect.

6. Combine journeys

Plan ahead and make one round trip rather than several short trips. Once the engine is warm it will operate at its most efficient, whereas several cold starts will increase fuel consumption even though the total mileage could be the same.

“Saving on fuel by keeping your vehicle maintained and adjusting the way you drive may seem like a bit of a hassle, but if you increase your fuel economy by between 20% and 40%, a tank that normally gets you 700km could get you close to 1 000 km. If you are unsure about the condition and safety of your vehicle’s tyres and shocks, get them checked by a tyre specialist for your peace of mind,” concludes Horn.

And then there were three!

And then there were three! 6

Sanele is the Nduna at DZE and has been with Super Tyres since 2016. He has a really busy life at work, guiding and leading his team, making sure that everyone understands any changes happening with the company and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

However, he is also busy at home as a father of three, with the recent birth of little Amukela Oweceeo on 2 February! (Sanela was married last year to Mbali and he is stepfather to Mbal’s son.)

“I am a very proud father and stepfather and now I am super happy about the birth of Amukela (which means Accept). I look forward to her being an important part of our precious family!” he says.

Valentine’s Day: Spreading some love

Valentine's Day: Spreading some love 8

The Executive spent most of their morning distributing Boxes of Chocolates to All the Ladies at Super Tyres for Valentines Day.

“We are proud to have 24 Ladies working at Super Tyres, which represents about 20% of our total workforce. Besides Admin, we have ladies working as Fitters, some of who are training as Wheel Alignment Technicians, as well as Joint Venture and Retail Branch Managers. I am very proud of our Ladies “said Dean MD.

On a roll to achieve

On a roll to achieve 10

Ayanda, from the Gateway branch is on a roll and she intends to roll even further!

She recently achieved her Learners License with the view to increasing her independence and decreasing her reliance on other people giving her lifts to wherever she needs to go.

“I am presently undertaking driving lessons for my Code 10 which I hope to get at the end of April, then I will be available to offer lifts!” she laughs. (Once she has her Driver’s License, she will then need to work towards getting her own wheels, so watch this space as she continues on her journey of achievement!)

No time like the present…

No time like the present... 12

Superhero Mlu Khanyile went above and beyond — twice — for two different clients. The recent occasion was when he made his way to our Best Drive Durban Central branch at 17h00 to help finish a Toyota bakkie’s rear drums and linings and only finished at 18h30, working way beyond his official knock-off time, and going way beyond the demands of his role.

Really prospering

Really prospering 14

Prosper Thuthukane as correctly named, has been with Super Tyres for the past 20 years: “Super Tyres really looks after me,” he says.

Based at Head Office, he started as a foreman and worked his way into sales. For the past nine years he has also been a driver and, because he is constantly on the road, by the time he gets home he says he only has enough energy to watch TV! “I love my job, but I really enjoy relaxing after a long day on the road!” he laughs.

Wheel Alignment Course

Wheel Alignment Course 16

Ayanda, from the Gateway branch attended a four-day Wheel Alignment course at the Traction Training Academy.

Also having served here internships as a YES student, since 1 December 2021, Ayanda is now permanently employed as a Tyre Fitter at the Gateway branch where she “really loves” her job!

In the image Ayanda in red sits through the theory section of the course.

Dig this!

Dig this! 18

The LIV village in Verulam was nominated by Dean Horn as one of Super Tyres’ beneficiaries and we support the home of Mum Nthozo and the children in her devoted care. Orphaned and vulnerable children are cared for in family environment where all their needs are met by taking a holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing.ently, a group from Support Centre undertook a gardening and improvement project at the Village. Super Tyres donated scores of tyres to be used as vegetable gardens in line with this year’s theme; “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”. Super Tyres also left the house mother with some garden tools.

Dig this! 19

Above: Mum Nthozo and Sache Horn, Wife of our CEO Dean, working in the garden.



Yvonne Stephen and Melanie Pillay are ‘sisters’ in service commitment!

Yvonne Stephen and Melanie Pillay are ‘sisters’ in service commitment! 21
Yvonne Stephen and Melanie Pillay are ‘sisters’ in service commitment! 22

Yvonne left, and Melanie right, are both valuable and dedicated members of the Super Tyres Head Office Team.

Melanie works in Admin and Reception at Head Office and is “celebrating five wonderful, happy – and very proud – years working for a supportive company that is more than a Team, but rather my Family! After all I spend eight hours here every day,” she laughs. Yvonne says that her need to help solve problems in her role as Data Capturer and Credit Controller gets her ready for work every day: “Super Tyres really lives its Value of Family; we are one big supportive family, and it shows in our work commitment and fun environment!”