Sales Guru 2020

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” – Ginny Rommetty

In February, Dean, along with four of our sales personnel, attended the annual Sales Guru Seminar in Durban. The half-day session featured some big names who spoke around the theme of mindset.

Edward says the session gave him some much needed inspiration and real-world sales examples. Larry Soffer’s segment resonated with him the most, tapping into one’s ability to use their mind as a powerful tool for success, all making goals reachable.

Moosa, Edward, Andries, Larry Soffer, Chané & Dean

Asibambisane: Long Service Awards

In February, two of our Zululand heroes were honoured for ten years of service. They each received long service certificates and silver badges for reaching this incredible milestone. Congratulations and thank you for your service!

Clinton from our Dunlop Zone eMpangeni Branch
Mthoko from our eMpangeni branch

Action Soccer

On 11 January 2020, the first Action Soccer tournament for the year took place for the Durban region at Northwood Crusaders. It was an incredible experience for everyone on and off the pitch.

 The day was a massive success, with everyone playing their hearts out for their branches. In the end, Pietermaritzburg came out victorious, with a 5-3 win over Pinetown.  

 A big thank you to Graham for catering after the final match, and to Chané who plated up for everyone. To everyone who attended: you make the whole experience worthwhile, and, as much as soccer might not be your game, it was good to see everyone taking part and having fun!

Congratulations, Dad

A huge congratulations to Kirk and his wife, who welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Kemzley, into their family in December. 

Kirk mentioned that the most exciting part of this journey has been the anticipation of seeing what the baby looks like, and whose features are more dominant. The birth of his little girl made him realise that simply being thankful for all his blessings was enough for him. 

He is overjoyed that their daughter is healthy and that his wife came out of everything so well. Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

Admin Year-End Awards

At the end of a busy year, it is especially important to recognise the efforts of all our superheroes. 

On 6 December 2019, the admin team held their awards ceremony at head office. The day started with reflections and celebrations of the team’s milestones in 2019. The awards and certificates were then handed out by Leslie, our financial manager.

Everyone on the team mentioned that the highlight of the day was giving Florence Pillay the most coveted ‘Administrative Excellence’ award. They were all extremely proud to see Florence’s hard work being recognised, especially since she’s worked at Super Tyres for 25 years!

The team ended off the festivities by going out for a celebratory lunch at Lingela Restaurant.

Final Quarterly Sales Conference

 At the end of November, we held our last Sales Conference for 2019. The conference covered various topics, including theories on how to run a business, going into detail about the lead retention process and how this is applied at each branch. Frank also went into detail about the upcoming Yes4Youth project that will begin in 2020, and encouraged everyone to welcome and embrace the new candidates.

 After 2 days of intense work, the teams took part in their traditional post-conference go-kart race, and watched a Chelsea match to finish off the festivities.

2019 Year-End Awards

Part of our culture at Super Tyres is to recognise and reward our staff for the hard work they do throughout the year, and the end of the year is a fitting period for reflections like these. On December 16, everyone gathered for our annual awards ceremony. The Durban team gathered at head office, while the Zululand team met up at the Dunlop Zone Empangeni branch.

In 2019, we introduced a new award in honour of our founders, Bob & Jos Horn, est. 1971. Chris, from our Empangeni branch, became the first recipient of this award, based on how he stepped up as an area mentor and took on the challenge. Gonnie, from the PMB branch, was another superhero whose incredible work was recognised on the day. Here are some of the award recipients from this special day.

Celebrating a Milestone; Gonnie

When he was just 17 years old, Gonnie Naidoo started his career at Super Tyres. He was excited and eager to gain experience. 35 years later, he has seen everyone grow from strength to strength, and is proud to have been there for all the company’s major milestones. He worked closely with the founder, Bob Horn, at the company’s old premises, and has moved with the company over the years, to where they are now.

 Starting off as a wheel balancer, Gonnie moved up the ranks to become an alignment technician, where he has gained valuable experience working with veteran superheroes. In 2019, he was recognised as the best alignment technician, and says he is proud to have achieved similar milestones over the years. He mentioned that his greatest achievement has been teaching and mentoring young talent in the company.

 Gonnie says the relationships he has built over the years, with the other superheroes and the clients, has kept him at Super Tyres for 35 years. He appreciates the opportunities that he’s been given, and looks forward to many more rewarding years at Super Tyres.