Growth: Our recent staff promotions

In recognition of the efforts and dedication shown by the following Team Members, we are delighted to make the following announcements, which came into immediate effect in February.

First, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Chané Nel to Umgeni Road Branch Manager. While Chan has only been with Super Tyres for 19 months, during this short time she has proven herself to be a committed company advocate, excelling in management and sales — in other words, she officially qualifies as a SUPERHERO! Chan ’s background in the hospitality industry serves Super Tyres well, as she brought her energy and commitment with her when she joined us. Her dedication and enthusiasm in leading her team has encouraged them to consistently improve sales numbers and enhance Customer Service levels.

Next on the list, having completed his training, we are happy to announce that Parushen Chetty is now officially the Branch Manager of our Pietermaritzburg Branch. As was the case with Chan , Parushen didn’t hail from the Tyre Industry, but has had a long career in Tile & Furniture Retail; proving that successfully dealing with Customers plays a key role in succeeding as a Retail Manager!

Finally, young Hein Potgieter has been transferred from South Coast Road to take on the role of Branch Manager in our Brickhill Road branch. We would like to thank Hein for his enormous contribution to South Coast Road where he grew the business, as well as developing a first class Team within the branch. Almost a veteran, with 7 years’ service, we are confident that Hein will assist his new Team to grow the numbers and place SCR as the #1 Go-to tyre store in his area. I am sure that you will all join Management in wishing each and every one of our colleagues every success in their new roles!

Our hero recognised for two decades of dedicated service

Inanda resident, Bonginkosi Ncube, was recently recognised for an impressive twenty years of dedicated service by the KZN Super Tyres Management team. 

Dean Horn – Super Tyres MD congratulates Bonginkosi Ncube on twenty years of dedicated service alongside his manager Edward Moodley.

Bonginkosi joined Super Tyres’ Smith Street branch in 2001 as a stock controller and shortly thereafter became a qualified fitter. At his long service award’s ceremony, Super Tyres Managing Director, Dean Horn announced Bonginkosi’s transfer to the company’s new flagship Gateway store and his promotion to Nduna. “Bonginkosi is loyal, hardworking, dedicated and a true asset to our team,” says Dean Horn.

Bonginkosi is happily married to Lungile and has five children: Sbalie, Amale, Sbonga, Elihle and Nkosi. His advice to others is to work hard, be honest and to always be positive. “I am very grateful to be a part of the Super Tyres family and look forward to working with the team at our new Gateway store for many more years to come,” says Bonginkosi.

Donations: Lifeline Zululand and Siripat Lions Rugby Club

Mlu Langa from DZE Super Tyres, wishes Lifeline Zululand Director, Michelle Jewlal, all the best for future safe driving.

Our Asibambisane initiative is an on-going programme aimed at uplifting the communities in which we work, adding value to the lives of their members through whatever means possible.

Lifeline Zululand

Recently, our Dunlop Zone Empangeni branch saw a beneficiary opportunity for the non profit organisation, Lifeline Zululand, which serves as a key resource in facilitating the emotional wellness of individuals, as well as contributing to communities through their skills development initiatives. The branch offered free tyre fitting, balancing as well as alignment services for the organisation’s two vehicles and our supplier Dunlop donated the tyres.

Youth development rugby club is kitted out for action!

Philani Mfeka (Assistant Manager), Deon Naicker (Chairman) and Nkosikhona Khubeka (Mentor)

The Siripat Lions Rugby Club are delighted with the recent kit donation from Super Tyres. Dean Horn, Super Tyres Managing Director says, “We are proud to have assisted the Siripat Lions Rugby Club who are doing a fantastic job in terms of promoting the game, as well as promoting social cohesion among the youth of Reservoir Hills, Clare Estate and surrounding communities.” Club Chairman, Deon Naicker explains that their aim is to use the game of rugby as a vehicle to mentor the youth and instil social values whilst growing the game itself in a community which was historically denied the opportunity. The work of the Siripat Lions extends beyond the rugby field as they also encourage the youth to adopt healthy mindsets and lifestyles. Naicker explains, “Other than life orientation skills, we instill a sense of teamwork and camaraderie which is vital in young men of this age. Our broader aim is to create avenues of opportunity for the youth who would possibly be drawn into unsavoury activities. We also encourage a culture of social cohesion in the community between youth from different backgrounds. We are so grateful to Super Tyres for generously supporting us by donating rugby shirts and shorts,” he adds.

Fun happenings at Super Tyres

All work and no play makes for a really dull working environment and we are ANYTHING but dull — right?

At Super Tyres our hard work is balanced with play, a time to get to know our colleagues better and to also have some good old-fashioned FUN, one of our prime values! This past quarter we managed to squeeze

Yvonne, Mandisa, Debbie, Marizelle & Sache

Valentine’s Day came with spoils, and Dean instinctively knew that the way to a lady’s heart is through chocolate. He distributed personalised treats for each member of female staff, and was rewarded with smiles all round!
Belinda, Percy, Ricky, Mike & Thandeka

Ice-cream solves everything, we know this!
The Pinetown heroes were treated to a very cool treat, courtesy of their manager, Belinda, who is obviously really cool too!
Frank, Lindani, Q,  Percy, Joe, Michael, Lwazi, Carolos, Belinda Tyrone & Ricky

The Easter Bunny made an eggstra special Easter egg delivery when he hopped over to our Pinetown branch and distributed his chocolate eggs!


2020 Staff Awards

Unlike our traditional Shisa Nyama annual staff awards that we all so enjoy, owing to adhering to CV-19 regulations, in two separate events, Management recognised all the heroes who shone in one of the most arduous years. Branch awards occurred simultaneously on 16 December, led by Dean in Durban, Graham in Pinetown (with ‘Maritzburg and Pinetown branches and JVs present) and Thinus in Empangeni, while Financial Manager, Leslie Bush hosted one for Admin staff on 11 December. We look forward to the not-too-distant future, when we can once again gather around a fire and have a Shisa Nyama together – normally!

Below are some of our highly anticipated categories.

Financial Manager Leslie presenting HR Manager Amanda with The Spirit Award (Admin Awards)
Best Retail Branch 2020: Dunlop Zone eMpangeni
Best Depot 2020: Europcar Durban

Our Pinetown branch gets a facelift

As we know, branding is all about a consistent look and we also know that black is the ‘power’ colour of the palette, right? To this end, we are giving all our branches a makeover, reducing the red emphasis and enhancing the black elements. Our rebranding exercise was due to kick off in March 2020, Covid however delayed this. Nevertheless, we managed to complete the first branch, in Pinetown, by late last year — feast your eyes on the transformation — with ’Maritzburg next in line, so watch this space for more colourful updates!

The Old Red Look

Celebrating our golden jubilee

It’s early Friday morning, and already you feel the impulse to set up a date with your girlfriend for later that evening. You’re 25 years old, uneducated and, of most concern, sitting in debt — R1,672,857.14 to be exact.  

In 1968, that was the equivalent scenario facing the founder of our company, Bob Horn.

Fast forward some 50-odd years to 27th Jan 2021, and here we are celebrating the 50th birthday of the company that young tenacious and resilient couple opened in 1971.

Bob Horn, the Founder of Super Tyres posing with Dean Horn his son now MD

I am very proud of the progress we have made at Super Tyres during my past 20 years, including taking our business nationally and representing two of the biggest car rental companies in our country.  We also pioneered the introduction of Tyre Dealer/Vehicle Dealer Joint Ventures, which brings our tyre skills and excellent pricing, as well as the convenience of fitment, to your local vehicle dealership. I often marvel at the sheer determination, hard work and guts it must have taken to start this fantastic journey that, now, 50 years later, is still going strong. I reiterate: It makes me immensely proud!

I still fondly recall the day when I shared my vision to grow the company nationally with my Dad, and he looked me straight in the eyes and said “Son, do you know what you’re doing?”.

I paused for a moment before answering him: “Dad, did you know what you were doing back in 1971, when you signed a lease in West Street for a higher monthly rental than your entire net worth?” His acknowledging nod symbolised the day I truly took over the reins of the company he had built. Although a lot has changed, with developing new inspiring company visions and values, the core fundamentals have and always will be a part of our DNA—Integrity and Trust! 

Spending the afternoon with my Dad, taking the photos you see in this publication, filled me with so much admiration for this man who had sacrificed so much to give his family opportunities. I remember the long days and nights of not seeing my Dad, as he would arrive home after we had gone to bed and leave the next morning before we awoke.

Bob & Dean Horn with Bob’s Grandchildren; L-R : Rebecca, Jade, Tyra & Denne  

Dad I love you and will be forever grateful to you for silently teaching me the secrets to success. Although my Mom has passed away some 14 years ago, I remember her now with so much respect, as my Dad often told me, “There is no way I could have done it without your Mom.”

Although I always knew from my youth that I would one day be afforded the huge privilege of leading this great company, I started my journey with a feeling of overwhelm at the massive burden of responsibility that stretched before me. Sometimes feeling very alone, my wife guided me to start business coaching and, through that process, my support structure was formed.

Today, I truly know what my Dad was saying when he emphasised that he could not have done it alone!

I want to take this moment now to thank all of you, from our Super Heroes fitting the tyres to my executive team — without you, success would be impossible.  “Super Tyres is not the name on the wall, it’s not the stock or equipment or buildings… it’s the people who work here, you and me!”

Tread safely these holidays

The year-end holidays are just around the corner and many of us are counting down the days for that trip away to our favourite holiday destination or to visit family members. For those planning to travel long distances by car these holidays, tyre safety should be top priority. “Your tyres are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the road and therefore need to be in good working condition at all times to ensure your safety,” explains Dean Horn – Super Tyres Managing Director. 

While human error is the biggest cause of car accidents on the road, badly maintained vehicles and poor tyre condition also significantly contribute to the national road toll every year. “Many accidents can be prevented by ensuring that tyres and shocks are kept in the best possible condition,” says Horn.  The safety of both yourself and your passengers, along with the other road users, may very well depend directly on the condition of your cars tyres. “Tyres are what hold the vehicle securely on the road, allowing drivers to steer and stop safely. Tyres and shock absorbers are partners in maintaining your safety. Shock absorbers look after the tyres by keeping them on the ground, and the tyres literally hold your lives in their grip,” he adds.

Making sure that your tyre pressure, tread and wheel alignment is correct is critical for road safety. Approximately 20 percent of fuel goes towards overcoming friction between the car and the road, so ensure you have your tyres checked to help prevent unnecessary spending at the pumps.

Checking your tyre pressure to make sure that they are properly inflated can also make a significant difference in how long your tyres last. “Under or over-inflated tyres don’t wear evenly and won’t last as long. The front and rear axles and right and left sides of your car wear down your tyres differently. Rotating your tyres regularly helps extend the life of your tyres and improve performance. We recommend that you rotate your tyres every 10,000 Km,” says Horn. 

It is advisable to check the date codes on your tyres to make sure that they are not older than 5 years. As tyres age, the rubber gets brittle and dry which can lead to poor grip and possible casing failure. “The week and year of manufacture can be found in an oval on the sidewall of the tyre. For example, a tyre with the date code: 0418 would have been manufactured in the 4th week of 2018, making it close to 3 years old now,” explains Horn. 

To avoid any problems when driving to your vacation, practice these important tyre safety tips:

  • Inspect your tyres: It is essential to regularly inspect your tyres for wear and any damage to avoid sudden problems. Have a professional inspect your tyres every six months. Always ensure that all four tyres are the same size as specified by the vehicle manufacturer as well and the same speed rating and load index (including your spare tyre). 
  • Check the air pressure: Driving with incorrect tyre pressure can affect a vehicle’s handling and braking, particularly in wet conditions, and can seriously compromise your safety. Driving on severely under-inflated tyres can cause heat build-up and eventually, premature failure. Check your tyre pressure monthly and before every long trip.
  • Respect the load capacity: Do not exceed the load capacity relative to the tyre’s load index. Tyres loaded beyond their maximum loads can build up excessive heat that may result in sudden tyre damage with severe safety consequences.
  • Check your shocks: Worn shocks won’t keep your wheels glued to the road, no matter how new your tyres are. In an emergency situation, applying brakes can cause your tyres to loose contact with the road, increasing the chance of an accident. Signs of worn shocks include: a vibrating steering wheel, bald patches on tyres and if the vehicle does not hug the road on bends and/or veers excessively in side winds. Be responsible and get your shocks inspected by a professional before any long trip. 
  • Inspect your spare tyre: Always inspect your spare tyre ahead of any long trip. Ensure it is pumped to the correct air pressure and is in good condition. If you see any damage to a tyre or wheel, replace it with your spare tyre and have your tyre checked by a professional.

“It is also very important to remember to sanitize and disinfect your vehicle before, during and after any trip,” explains Horn.

While we continue to disinfect our homes and workplaces, a car may often get overlooked, but is equally important. Clean the air conditioner vents by spraying them with a specialised cleaner and then remove and clean the filter. Clean high-touch surface areas such as the steering wheel, knobs, switches and buttons by using a car interior cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the interior and exterior door handles as well as your car key.   

Whilst you’re planning your route and what to pack, don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is well maintained, safe and roadworthy. “If you are unsure about the condition and safety of your vehicle’s tyres and shocks, get them checked by a tyre specialist well ahead of the year-end rush,” concludes Horn.  

Celebrating Flo’s big 25

Chatsworth resident, Florence Pillay, was recently recognised for an impressive twenty-five years of dedicated service by the KZN Super Tyres Management team.


Florence joined Super Tyres in the November of 1995 and was the first person of colour to be employed into the administration department by founders, Bob and Joslyn Horn. Her duties included banking, weekly payroll and bookkeeping. “I can still recall my very first day. Mrs Horn personally took me to all the stores and introduced me to every single staff member.  After three months I was promoted and given the responsibility of reconciling the cash banking for Super Tyres. Back then there were 12 retail stores and I remember physically counting every single rand that needed to be banked.  Nine months later I was promoted to the Bookkeeper at Super Tyres head office and took on the responsibility of the total payroll, salaries and wages, human resources and the bookkeeping of the Super Tyres Group,” says Florence.


Working in a predominantly male industry has never bothered Florence and she prides herself on her honesty, reliability and strong work ethic. “In 2019 I was awarded the coveted Administrative Excellence Award in recognition of my expertise, knowledge, values, passionate dedication to the cause and purpose of our company, my commitment in excellent servicing of our internal and external customers and suppliers, and for being the dedicated heart for employee advocacy,” adds Florence.


Florence has enjoyed being a part of the company’s growth, with Super Tyres expanding to 31 retail and in-house branches over the years.

“Florence is hardworking, dedicated and a true asset to our team,” says Dean Horn – Super Tyres Managing Director.

Florence has a very loving and supportive husband of 28 years, Manuel Pillay, and their pride and joy is their 20 year old daughter, Elyona Angel Pillay, who is currently in her third year of studies to become a Veterinary Surgeon.

In her spare time, Florence enjoys singing, socialising, reading, watching movies and is very involved at her local church. “I am also a Lecturer at the Bible School in the evenings and love to write articles for evangelism and give biblical advice on matters of the heart in my “Ask Flo” column currently featuring in a Christian magazine.”


Her advice to others is to first love God, then yourself and to spread love to others who need encouragement and hope. Florence is a firm believer in the importance of taking pride in yourself, your work and to always be consistently reliable, honest and loyal.


“I am very grateful to be a part of the Super Tyres team who are like family to me. I love the challenges, the variety and the opportunities that come my way every day. I am committed to mentoring, inspiring and sharing my years of knowledge to up-and-coming members in my department. I am passionate about serving others and developing people to be the best they can be in all spheres of their lives,” concludes Florence.