AIDS Awareness Month


December is not just about the holidays and eating too much, it is also the month for setting the groundwork for healthy and, perhaps, lifesaving, New Year’s resolutions. Appropriately, December is also International AIDS Awareness Month, a month when we remember, honour and continue to fight one of the gravest health epidemics of the modern world.

While great strides have been made in AIDS treatment thanks to massive research efforts, which have reduced overall transmission rates. Unfortunately, for young adults, HIV/AIDS still remains one of the most serious health threats. This group is experiencing the fastest rising rates of HIV infection in comparison to any other age group. 

New data from the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), indicates that AIDS transmission is on the rise among adults ages 25 to 29. As treatments have greatly improved, erasing the automatic death sentence stamp that was previously given to newly diagnosed individuals back in the 1980s and 1990s, awareness and preventive measures have consequently lagged.

In this month, we as Super Tyres wear our red ribbons in solidarity with those who are battling against this disease, in the hopes that bringing more awareness will help end the stigma that comes with HIV/Aids.