A SUPER donation for local ‘snake man’

A SUPER donation for local ‘snake man’ 1

A SUPER donation for local ‘snake man’

On April 7, a screenshot of his social media post was sent to Graham Bush, general manager of Super Tyres, who didn’t hesitate to assist. “Mr Bush personally called me and enquired as to which Super Tyres branch was closest to me. I was then told to expect a call from Edward Moodley, the manager at the Super Tyres Gateway branch. A short while later, Edward called me to let me know that Super Tyres would be sponsoring me four brand new tyres,” he excitedly said.

A SUPER donation for local ‘snake man’ 2
Edward Moodley (Super Tyres Gateway manager) with the ‘snake man’, Jason Arnold.

That afternoon, the snake man’s vehicle was fitted with four new tyres. “The service was outstanding- even for a non-paying customer. They gave my mags a very good clean, gave me a license disc holder and a car deodoriser. And I had a cappuccino from their coffee machine while they fitted, balanced and aligned my new tyres,” he said.

“We are proud to have been able to assist Jason. We commend him on the wonderful work he does and wish him many safe kilometres safely removing unwanted reptiles from homes and business premises in our communities,” said Graham Bush.

Arnold extended massive thanks to Super Tyres for their incredible support and generosity.

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