And then there were three!

And then there were three! 2

Sanele is the Nduna at DZE and has been with Super Tyres since 2016. He has a really busy life at work, guiding and leading his team, making sure that everyone understands any changes happening with the company and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

However, he is also busy at home as a father of three, with the recent birth of little Amukela Oweceeo on 2 February! (Sanela was married last year to Mbali and he is stepfather to Mbal’s son.)

“I am a very proud father and stepfather and now I am super happy about the birth of Amukela (which means Accept). I look forward to her being an important part of our precious family!” he says.

Valentine’s Day: Spreading some love

Valentine's Day: Spreading some love 4

The Executive spent most of their morning distributing Boxes of Chocolates to All the Ladies at Super Tyres for Valentines Day.

“We are proud to have 24 Ladies working at Super Tyres, which represents about 20% of our total workforce. Besides Admin, we have ladies working as Fitters, some of who are training as Wheel Alignment Technicians, as well as Joint Venture and Retail Branch Managers. I am very proud of our Ladies “said Dean MD.

On a roll to achieve

On a roll to achieve 6

Ayanda, from the Gateway branch is on a roll and she intends to roll even further!

She recently achieved her Learners License with the view to increasing her independence and decreasing her reliance on other people giving her lifts to wherever she needs to go.

“I am presently undertaking driving lessons for my Code 10 which I hope to get at the end of April, then I will be available to offer lifts!” she laughs. (Once she has her Driver’s License, she will then need to work towards getting her own wheels, so watch this space as she continues on her journey of achievement!)

Chris – 31 January 2022

Hi Guys

Thanks for the invoice and attention last week.

Thinus welcomed me just before 9am and then Shubnam and Swazi followed up with new tyres and the licence disc holder with discount attached. Professional and attentive, keeping me informed of anything they found which might have needed my attention.


Thanks again, regards


Gateway Branch

John – 21 January 2022

Hi Dean,

I would like to bring to your attention the excellent service that I received from Charles Kubheka on Friday 21 01 2022. He showed tremendous enthusiasm for the work that he did for me. He was very professional when dealing with my problem. In this day and age it is not often that I come across an employee that would motivate me to compliment in this manner.  However I feel that Leslie Kubeka should be commended for his attitude and work ethic. He is certainly an asset to Supertyres. Please pass on my thanks and regards to him


John Dockney

Brickhill Road Branch