Malcom – 06 May 2020

Dear Seshen

I wanted to thank and congratulate you on the attention and service received this morning. It was really refreshing and rare to have my motoring needs attended to so accurately and efficiently by both yourself and your fitters who went out of their way in the most pleasant manner to assist. I congratulate you on their being so aware of the current crisis which we all face and their behaviour in that regard.

With many thanks and best wishes.

Malcom Plint

South Coast Road Branch

Michaela – 21 February 2020

Chané  was SUPER helpful in all departments, giving me good advice on what options I have in repairing my tyre and keeping me updated as to what they are doing and being speedy while I wait and enjoyed some coffee. Also helped me out with putting some minor things back onto my car.


South Coast Road Branch

Sales Guru 2020

Sales Guru 2020 2

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” – Ginny Rommetty

In February, Dean, along with four of our sales personnel, attended the annual Sales Guru Seminar in Durban. The half-day session featured some big names who spoke around the theme of mindset.

Edward says the session gave him some much needed inspiration and real-world sales examples. Larry Soffer’s segment resonated with him the most, tapping into one’s ability to use their mind as a powerful tool for success, all making goals reachable.

Sales Guru 2020 3
Moosa, Edward, Andries, Larry Soffer, Chané & Dean

Asibambisane: Long Service Awards

Asibambisane: Long Service Awards 5

In February, two of our Zululand heroes were honoured for ten years of service. They each received long service certificates and silver badges for reaching this incredible milestone. Congratulations and thank you for your service!

Asibambisane: Long Service Awards 6
Clinton from our Dunlop Zone eMpangeni Branch
Asibambisane: Long Service Awards 7
Mthoko from our eMpangeni branch

PMI Training

PMI Training 9

We have been funding a number of MERSETA-accredited training courses and learnerships for the staff to attend. These range from NQF Level 2 to Level 4.

In the picture are our heroes currently enrolled for the Wholesale and Retail Management NQF 4. From left to right, Thobeka, Debbie, Mandisa and Welcome on their first day in class back in February.

PMI Training 10