Last week I submitted a written ( Facebook/website) request to  5 differing companies for a new set of tyres.

On Friday morning early, I received a call from Rob and he explained about the ZETA range and its benefits.

I popped in, chasing after a Falken Set of tyres, and the rest of the team knew I was coming ( Rob out testing with another customer)

They showed me the details and Leon ( name ? not accurate sorry ), as well as Ivor, did a great job of

  • Answering all my questions 
  • Looking after my immediate needs, and doing a thorough car check
  • Offered suggestion as to brakes etc
  • And the car was given a nice cleaning
  • And other needed extras were well attended to
  • Tyres fitted and aligned as quickly as possible.

Even with load shedding – the team did their best and I was pleasantly surprised!

Road-tested, a slight adjustment to steering alignment etc etc

Indeed, very good service and a good vibe in the branch made it a pleasurable experience.

My utmost Thanks to Rob and his great team…….if only the rest of SA could serve their customers in this way, there would be a lot more smiling people on the streets.

Well done team Umgeni!!

Yours sincerely 


Umgeni Road Branch


Would just like to share a wonderful experience I had today at Super Tyres in Richards Bay. The owner and staff were extremely friendly and treated my vehicle as if it was their own. I highly recommend them! Well done, Super Tyres!