Melony Jacoby – 20 January 2020

The most amazing service! After going to two other tyre places to check my shocks, trying to find what the knocking is in my car (Hyundai has been trying for a year😳) only for these amazing staff to look at everything !!!!! And find the issue!!!!
Cancelled another appt to sort my tyres out and will only come here!!!!

Service Excellence: Bloem

Service Excellence: Bloem 2

Congratulations to Wesley Crowder (regional manager) and Vincent Pienaar (salesman at Audi Centre), from our Bloemfontein Joint Venture, who both received Excellent Service awards based on feedback from a raving fan. 

Action Soccer

Action Soccer 4

On 11 January 2020, the first Action Soccer tournament for the year took place for the Durban region at Northwood Crusaders. It was an incredible experience for everyone on and off the pitch.

 The day was a massive success, with everyone playing their hearts out for their branches. In the end, Pietermaritzburg came out victorious, with a 5-3 win over Pinetown.  

 A big thank you to Graham for catering after the final match, and to Chané who plated up for everyone. To everyone who attended: you make the whole experience worthwhile, and, as much as soccer might not be your game, it was good to see everyone taking part and having fun!

Congratulations, Dad

Congratulations, Dad 6

A huge congratulations to Kirk and his wife, who welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Kemzley, into their family in December. 

Kirk mentioned that the most exciting part of this journey has been the anticipation of seeing what the baby looks like, and whose features are more dominant. The birth of his little girl made him realise that simply being thankful for all his blessings was enough for him. 

He is overjoyed that their daughter is healthy and that his wife came out of everything so well. Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

Admin Year-End Awards

Admin Year-End Awards 8

At the end of a busy year, it is especially important to recognise the efforts of all our superheroes. 

On 6 December 2019, the admin team held their awards ceremony at head office. The day started with reflections and celebrations of the team’s milestones in 2019. The awards and certificates were then handed out by Leslie, our financial manager.

Everyone on the team mentioned that the highlight of the day was giving Florence Pillay the most coveted ‘Administrative Excellence’ award. They were all extremely proud to see Florence’s hard work being recognised, especially since she’s worked at Super Tyres for 25 years!

The team ended off the festivities by going out for a celebratory lunch at Lingela Restaurant.