Bakkie Pather- 23 September 2019

Dear Graham,

I trust you well.

I had the opportunity of fitting 4 x new tyres at your branch at North Beach.

To date , I have never seen such an efficient TEAM of workers which encompassed –

  • Friendliness
  • Speed
  • Teamwork
  • Focus
  • Willingness to please

Please relay my sincere thanks to your wonderful TEAM.

It was truly exceptional service from exceptional people.

Thank You

Sales Guru

Sales Guru 2
Riaan Manser, Rachel Solomon, Debbie Marimuthu, Campbell Graham

Our two lovely ladies from the procurement department, Rachel and Debbie, attended a unique Sales Masterclass in October. The event was hosted by two incredible speakers, who inspired our superheroes with speeches about upskilling and equipping everyone to increase their sales. 

Rachel and Debbie mentioned that a major highlight for them was learning about the need to be intentional from the start of the sales process right up to sealing the deal. 

They both thoroughly enjoyed the event, and are looking forward to the next one!

LIV Charity Relay

LIV Charity Relay 4

On 24 September, LIV Village hosted a charity relay challenge to raise money for their children’s homes. 

The event, a 5km run/walk relay challenge, was held at Hillcrest High School. Teams of 3 or 5 competed in the challenge, including Frank, our Raving Fans Champion, and Lungelo, a superhero from the Pinetown branch. In the end, hundreds of people showed up and took part, to the delight of the organisers. 

After the race, the winners had the option to donate their prizes to a charity of their choice. Everyone was then treated to a braai and drinks, in honour of Heritage Day. 

LIV Charity Relay 5
Frank our Raving Fan Champion posing with hosts; Alana Hugo(left) and Sarah Durham(right)

Thank you to LIV Village, for hosting such an inspiring event, and to our superheroes, for getting involved and running for a good cause.