Comrades Marathon

Comrades Marathon 2

We are so proud of this superhero from our Brickhill Road branch! On Sunday, June 9, Welcome made his second appearance at the Comrades Marathon, finishing strong with an impressive time of 9:17:57, beating his 2018 debut time by over an hour! 

When asked how he felt about his performance this year, Welcome said he felt very good about being able to improve his time by over an hour. He also said he is looking forward to competing again in 2020, as he is now beginning to understand the game. He is ready to improve his time even further next year!

Sales Conference

Sales Conference 7

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning – Benjamin Franklin. Growth is an important value in our company, and one of the many channels we utilise to ensure growth is our tri-annual Sales Conference. We take our Managers and Salesmen away for a mixture of Fun (another Company Value) and intense learning.

 Our Recent Sales Conference, which took place on the 4th & 5th of May, was held at The Hatchery, Amatikulu, on the KZN North Coast. We went into detail about “Selling the Super Tyres Way”, with humorous role-plays acted out by senior management. The whole team got together on the last night around an awesome fire pit, and shared anecdotes and ‘tales of Sales’ over the years.

 Thank you for all the lessons, we look forward to the next one!

A Farewell To Dennis

A Farewell To Dennis 12

It was a bittersweet moment for the Zululand superheroes, and for the whole Super Tyres family, as we say goodbye to Dennis, who has officially retired after 23 years of service. Dennis joined the eMpangeni branch back in 1997, where he served till 4 months ago, when he moved to the Dunlop Zone eMpangeni branch.

On his last day at work, he was treated to drinks and a braai with his colleagues. He also received a lovely gift from Super Tyres: a Lanco Gold watch, and a special gift from one of his colleagues, which he says he will treasure forever. 

When asked about his plans for retirement, Dennis said he’s looking forward to early nights, relaxed days and time to tend to his health and weak joints.  When asked what he will miss the most, he responded, “My colleagues no doubt, I will miss the DZE teamwork and relationships built over the years.”

Uthokozele umhlala phansi, Dennis.

A Farewell To Dennis 13
A Farewell To Dennis 14
Dennis and his brand new Lanco Gold Watch

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony 16

June was all about celebrating our superheroes and the amazing work they do. In total, over 30 “Caught In The Act” awards were presented! That’s an amazing achievement!

On the 8th of June, the branches in the Durban region held their award ceremony. The ceremony was followed by a celebratory braai. Then on the 22nd, the Zululand branches held their awards ceremony.

Well done to all the winners! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Dunlop Customer Service Training

Dunlop Customer Service Training 30

“Learning never exhausts the mind” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Training is one way we invest in our superheroes’ development. We have partnered with Dunlop to provide a number of training programs such as Fit & Strip Procedure, Customer Service Training, Wheel Alignment Training and much more. 

In the beginning of May, our superheroes from all our branches attended a Customer Service training course at Dunlop’s head office. The training was based on challenging the staff to learn how to manage relationships with customers, which is the key to sustaining long-term survival in this industry. Our superheroes learnt that passion, strong product knowledge and building connections with customers are the keys to creating a brand that attracts loyalty.

 The second training course was on Rip & Strip Procedure, which took place on the 23rd of May. This session focused on giving our superheroes the knowledge about how to make tyres, and with this knowledge, they would be better equipped to advise customers. The key lessons were on the meaning of symbols on a tyre, rim diameter and tyre wear.

All of the training sessions have been very well received by our superheroes, and they are looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more in the future.

Dunlop Customer Service Training 31
Dunlop Customer Service Training 32