Dunlop Customer Service Training May 2019

Dunlop Customer Service Training May 2019 2

In the beginning of May, our superheroes from all our branches attended a Customer Service training course at Dunlop’s head office. 

The training was based on challenging the staff to learn how to manage relationships with customers, which is the key to sustaining long-term survival in this industry. Our superheroes learnt that passion, strong product knowledge and building connections with customers are the keys to creating a brand that attracts loyalty. 

The training was well-received by everyone who attended, and they can’t wait to continue with the next phase in their training, which will take place at the end of May.

Dunlop Customer Service Training May 2019 3
Dunlop Customer Service Training May 2019 4

LIV Village’s Open Day

LIV Village's Open Day 6

On the 4th of May, our Superheroes joined the incredible team at LIV Village for their annual Open Day. They had an amazing afternoon playing and spending quality time with the children.

Thank you to our team for being super and supporting local charities!

LIV Village's Open Day 7
LIV Village's Open Day 8
LIV Village's Open Day 9


Learnership 11

For the past two years, Super Tyres has been running learnerships in Wholesale and Retail Management NQF 4. This provides opportunities to those who were previously unemployed and allows them to complete a qualification while earning an income. 

This qualification lays the foundation for the development of management qualifications across various sectors and industries. It specifically develops management competencies required by learners in any occupation, particularly those who are currently operating as junior managers. The qualification introduces key terms, rules, concepts, principles and practices of management that will enable learners to be informed managers in any occupation. It has also been developed to enable managers, or prospective managers, to access higher education and provide flexible access to life-long learning.

The scope of management covers four domains: leadership, self-management, people management and management practices. This qualification addresses each of these domains with generic competencies, thereby enabling learning programmes to be contextualised for specific sectors and industries. This qualification provides opportunities for people to transfer between various specialisations within management. This will therefore enable management competencies to be strengthened, and enable managers to better manage systems, processes, resources, self, teams and individuals in various occupations. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate confidently as individuals in the South African economy and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and changing world of work. Ultimately, this qualification is aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of future managers within all occupations in South Africa.

Learnership 12
Learnership 13